Promotions Committee

Promotion takes many forms, but the goal is to create a positive imagine in order to increase community pride. Promotion seeks to improve retail sales events and festivals and to create a positive public image of downtown in order to attract investors, developers, and new businesses. Promotion creates community pride through the following: Summer Serenades, Rising Sun Biggest Loser, Geocaching Contest, Road Rallie tours that can be downloaded, marketing weddings in Rising Sun, and Home for the Holidays.

Committe Members:
  • Jodie Cole (local artist)
  • Deb Meunchen (local citizen)
  • Kathy Engelhardt (owner of Rising Sun Wellness Spa)
  • Janie Eldridge (Denver Siekman Environmental Park)
  • Sherry Timms (Tourism Director)

2010 Goals
  • Biggest Loser
  • Anniversary Package
  • Geocaching Contest
  • Art Festival
  • Navy Bean Festival
  • Summer Serenades
  • Halloween Parade
  • Walking Tour Brochure of Main Street
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Mayor’s Ride (Motorcycle)
  • Home for the Holidays